Ny Ole Lyngaard kampanje - Circus

Ny Ole Lyngaard kampanje – Circus


Welcome to 2016 and to a seductive, feminine and very playful OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN brand campaign. Down to the minutest of details the spirit of the old-fashioned travelling circus is visible in everything that the company presents to the world.

web_campaign_2016_1“For me personally, this has been the most complicated, and at the same time the most rewarding, brand campaign yet. I was able to combine my love of fine jewellery with my deep passion for fashion, interior decoration and scenography,” says fine jewellery designer and company Creative Director Charlotte Lynggaard.

Her artistic fingerprint is visible in every last detail of the campaign where magical, playful surroundings of understated luxury create a bohemian backdrop to covetable high-end jewellery from the latest fine jewellery collections.

The exotic and seductive circus atmosphere was created through a soft palette of perfectly harmonised vintage colours in sensual nuances of ochre, burgundy, pale blue and dusty greys and greens. Internationally recognised fashion photographer Anders Overgaard shot the campaign, which features Swedish model, Mona Johannesson, whose ethereal beauty epitomises the OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN circus spirit of 2016.

A family-run business, where generations work together in a common strive for perfection, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN shares many common traits with the circus world: dedication and discipline, technically impeccable performances, vibrant colours and alluring textures. Always oozing elegance.

Ole Lyngaard får du hos Gullsmed Hellman:

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